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Inciting anxiety about the looming war -the disinformation narratives about the possible Taiwan Strait crisis during the 2024 Taiwanese presidential election

By Wei-Ping Li, Ph.D. (This article is part of an analysis series of disinformation trends during the 2024 Taiwanese presidential election.)

[TFC Disinfo Detector] A brief review of disinformation spread during elections in Taiwan, 2020-2022 (Part II)

Image: People walk past the candidate's campaign flag in Taipei, Taiwan, Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022. Taiwan held local elections on November 26, 2022. (Top Image)

Media Literacy in Taiwan: A collaborative Effort Addressing Challenges for the 250,000-strong Indonesian Community

Riley Chou The Taiwan FactCheck Center (TFC) is collaborating with the Taiwanese TransAsia Sisters Association and Indonesian MAFINDO to launch a series of programs spanning both online and offline platforms. The aim is to provide verification knowledge to 250,000 Indonesians in Taiwan, who can be...


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