Introducing TFC Disinfo Detector: Your Guide to Taiwan's Disinformation Landscape

Introducing TFC Disinfo Detector: Your Guide to Taiwan's Disinformation Landscape

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest initiative, the "TFC Disinfo Detector" newsletter! As part of our ongoing efforts to combat mis-/disinformation and promote media literacy, the TFC Disinfo Detector is designed to keep you updated on the latest trends and observations in disinformation in Taiwan. 

Starting from September 4, 2023, our newsletter will be released every other Monday at 10:00 AM Eastern time (GMT-4), 10:00 PM Taiwan Time (GMT+8)

Join our network and stay informed about the ever-evolving world of disinformation in Taiwan. You can visit here for our previous issues.

👁️What to Expect:

Insightful Analysis and Fact-Checking Updates: Featured in the research report by TFC's research fellow Wei-Ping Li, the newsletter analyzes Taiwan's most recent disinformation trends and highlights our most recent fact-checks and significant false claims.

Latest events: Stay in the loop about TFC's latest activities and events related to media literacy and fact-checking and learn more about TFC's effort in combating falsehood in Taiwan. 

🔎About Taiwan FactCheck Center:

Founded in 2018, Taiwan FactCheck Center (TFC)’s mission is to fact-check claims related to public interest issues to promote reliable information and digital literacy and improve the information ecology in Taiwan. All our effort is to make Taiwan a better and stronger democratic society.

TFC has been the signatory of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) code of principles since 2018 and Meta’s first third-party fact-checking program partner in Taiwan since 2019. TFC’s fact-check on an alleged election fraud video won the Best Correction Award in 2020 Global Fact 7.

🖊The editor of the newsletter

Hui-An Ho  (何蕙安) is head of international projects and fact-checker at the non-profit Taiwan FactCheck Center. She lives in Germany. Hui-An writes about the latest on fact-checking and misinformation and coordinates TFC’s interdepartmental projects concerning external stakeholders. Hui-An was a journalist and the China correspondent for Taiwan’s Economic Daily News before joining TFC in 2019.

Write Huian at

🖊The author of the research report

Wei-Ping Li has been a research fellow at Taiwan FactCheck Center since August 2023. Her research focuses on propaganda, conspiracy theories, and the transnational dissemination of false information.

Wei-Ping received her Ph.D. at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland. Before pursuing an academic career, she offered consulting services on digital human rights in Asia and also worked as a journalist for media outlets in Taiwan. She earned her LL.M. (Master of Laws) degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and has been admitted to the practice of law in New York State.

👋Wait! We also have a Chinese newsletter

In addition to the TFC Disinfo Detector, we publish a bi-weekly Chinese newsletter every other Thursday. It is written by Claire Chen, the Deputy Edirot-in-Chief of Taiwan FactCheck Center, and offers a lighthearted and humorous tone as it guides readers through the world of Taiwanese rumors. This newsletter aims to provide readers with accurate information and share fascinating behind-the-scene fact-checking stories.

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