【錯誤】網傳「這是留美醫學教授黃建中先生發到同學群的微信...這不是鼓吹靠自己來治療,而是用這些生活中的方法給自己贏得時間等待 」?

【錯誤】網傳「這是留美醫學教授黃建中先生發到同學群的微信...這不是鼓吹靠自己來治療,而是用這些生活中的方法給自己贏得時間等待 」?

網傳「這是留美醫學教授黃建中先生發到同學群的微信...這不是鼓吹靠自己來治療,而是用這些生活中的方法給自己贏得時間等待 」?








Worth reading.
This is a message from Professor Wong Kin-Chung, a medical professor in USA, to his students in a chat group. Very well said. (Translator Alice’s note: the original message was in Chinese, I am translating this for the benefit of my non-Chinese reading family and friends residing overseas. With apologies to Professor Wong, I have made some editorial changes while not affecting the meaning of the original message.)
現在.... 有很多的疑似或確診但病情輕微的病人住不進醫院。這個可以理解,因為任何城市都不可能在平時建設這麼多的傳染病醫院和傳染病床,還要有這麼多的傳染科醫護人員待命。
Now ......there are lots of suspected and confirmed cases (of coronavirus) where the patients cannot be admitted into hospital. This is understandable. It is simply not possible for any city in normal times to build and maintain so many infectious disease hospitals and hospital beds, and to have so many qualified infectious disease control medical staff to be on standby.
In reality, even if you go into hospital, they do not have any special treatment that target (the coronavirus), they only offer supportive therapy. It won’t help to get frustrated if you can’t get into hospital. Do as I say below. It would help delay the progress of your condition, while waiting for admission.
I have been a doctor as well as a nutritionist for decades. My method is scientifically based. Please feel free to circulate my message to your other chat groups, my advice may help people who find themselves in the situations I describe.
這不是鼓吹靠自己來治療,而是用這些生活中的方法給自己贏得時間等待 .... 整體條件改善時住進醫院治療。
I am not recommending self healing, only to use everyday actions to buy time.... to improve one’s general health condition while waiting for hospital admission.
1. 患者家人全部進出門用鹽水漱口,要涼水,不要用熱水,涼水可以讓口咽部黏膜下血管收縮,減少病毒進入血液的機會。鹽水可以固定病毒表面的S-蛋白,使其不易附著到黏膜上。冠狀病毒只有先與黏膜上的特定蛋白結合,才能進入到我們人體細胞,再大量複製。要經常漱口 ,用含酒精的漱口液更好。
1. Patients’ family members, on entering and leaving home, should rinse their mouths with salted water, using cold water, not hot. Cold water will contract blood vessels in one’s mouth and throat, thereby reducing chances of viruses entering one’s blood stream. Salted water can stabilise the s-protein on the virus’ surface, making it less easy to attach to the mucous membranes. To enter human bodies, the coronavirus first has to bind itself to certain specific proteins in the membrane and then self multiply massively. So rinse your mouth frequently, it will be even better if you use mouth rinse that contains alcohol.
2. 如果已經確診,但住不進醫院,只能在家自我隔離(單房間),時刻帶上口罩。家人也時刻帶口罩,只要沒有直接的飛沫傳播,就很難傳染。用75%酒精噴灑家裡,盡可能不留死角。傢具用酒精搽拭。這個病毒對酒精不耐受,用酒精可以滅活。家裡的衣服能用開水燙的就用開水燙,這個病毒能耐受的溫度是60度以下,高溫可以滅活。不能開水燙的衣服鞋子噴灑酒精消毒。
2. If you have been tested positive but cannot be hospitalised, your only option is to self-isolate at home (in a room by yourself), wearing a mask all the time. Family members must also wear masks at all times. So long as there is no transmission via droplets, transmission of the virus is unlikely. Clean your house using 75% alcohol, clean every corner and even the furniture. Alcohol kills this virus. As does high heat, so use hot water of over 60 degrees to wash your clothes. This virus cannot survive heat above 60 degrees. For shoes or clothes that can’t be washed in hot water above 60 degrees, clean them with disinfectant.
3. 如果有症狀但不重,首先注意多喝水,每次喝水量不要大,幾口就行,頻繁的喝,保持水份平衡。大蒜生薑洋蔥都有抗病毒作用,生吃或煮水喝。尤其生薑可以煮濃姜湯,喝了加快血液循環,如果能出汗更好。可以喝一些白酒,加快血液。循環。血液循環對自身免疫功能非常重要。這個病即使住院,也是要靠自身免疫力來控制的。
4. Those tested positive but not too unwell, drink lots of water. It doesn’t have to be lots of water each time, a few sips are sufficient. Drink frequently, keep the body hydrated. Garlic, ginger and onions also have properties that help one’s fight against this virus, eat raw or make into drinks to consume. Ginger is best. Make drinks by boiling fresh ginger in water, it will help one’s blood circulation which in turn boosts the immune system. Good immune system is of overriding importance whether or not one gets hospitalised.
4. 熱雞湯是美國傳統上抗感冒的,醫生也提倡,可以多喝。到藥房去買維生素C,大劑量服,每天4000毫克,維生素C既可以影響病毒複製,又可以穩定血管璧,減少肺部炎性滲出。紅酒里含紅酒多酚,有一定的類似激素作用,可以喝。因為中國國家衛健委的治療指南也是用短期的激素,紅酒多酚消炎是很有效的(紅葡萄酒,不是白葡萄酒)。
4. Hot chicken soup is a common American remedy for colds and flus, which even doctors recommend. Drink more. Go to the pharmacy to buy high dosage Vitamin C, 4000 mg daily. Vitamin C affects virus’ self duplication, and can also stabilise the blood vessels’ outer surface, helping to reduce seepage of infection from the lungs. Drink red wine (not white). Red wine contains polyphenol which acts like hormones to protect tissues against inflammation. This is in line with the treatment recommendations issued by the health authorities in China.
5. 好的蘑菇如花菇含有豐富的多糖類物質,可以刺激免疫系統,日本對花菇的研究很多,要多吃。烹飪之前,在水里多泡泡,去除蘑菇可能吸附的農藥殘留。如果家裡有靈芝等,那就更好,沒有就多吃花菇(不是平菇)。人參西洋參都可以煮水喝,對提高免疫機能有好處。可以和雞湯一起煮。
5. Eat more mushrooms. Good mushrooms, like shiitake, contain properties that stimulate the immunity system. The Japanese have done much research in mushrooms. Must soak well before cooking, in order to get rid of any remnants of agricultural insecticides. If you have Lingzhi, that’s even better. Eat good shiitake mushrooms (not the cheap produce). Ginseng and american ginseng are also good for boosting the immune system. Cook with chicken to make soup.
6. 西藥里的阿斯匹林可以服用小劑量(5-20毫克),既有消炎的作用,也有降低血液粘稠度的作用。資料顯示病毒感染者有的血漿二聚體增高,意味著血液粘度升高,血流流速減慢,這種情況不利於免疫細胞的運動,而有利於病毒複製。中藥里的黃芪黨參西洋參含類黃酮,可以保護各器官的細胞,避免出現器官嚴重損傷。實在沒有這些煮黃豆吃也有作用。
6. Small amount of aspirin (5-20 mg) also helps. Other than being anti inflammatory, it reduces the viscosity of the blood. Available information suggests that confirmed patients’ blood contains elevated Plasma D-dimer Count, suggesting a higher viscosity and reduced circulation rate. Such is not conducive to healthy regenerative activities of one’s immunity system, but rather favours the virus’ replication. In Chinese medicine, astragalus, codonopsis and American ginseng contain flavonoids, protecting cells from severe damage. Without these, eating soy beans would help.
7. 能進食是關鍵,胃口不好可以煮水喝,一切能開胃的方法都可以,只要能吃就問題不大。注意尿量。每天至少要上廁所幾次,排正常尿量。
7. The key is to keep eating (= nourishment). If you have no appetite for solids, liquidise your food. Just eat anything that you fancy. So long as you eat, the problem is manageable. Monitor your urination (translator’s note: = body hydration). You have to pee numerous times a day, in normal quantity.
Thank you! Can circulate! Take good care of yourselves and your families.」






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