TFC’s verification toolkit is the winner of 2021 Tseng ShuPa Journalism Award in the Media Literacy category

Hui-An Ho Taiwan FactCheck Center (TFC)'s verification toolkit has won the Tseng ShuPa Journalism Award in the “Media Literacy” category. The toolkit, which contains the latest digital verification tools along with tutorial materials, aims at empowering the general public. 

Taiwan's fact-checkers are using AI to combat misinformation

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to scale up fact-checking is happening in Taiwan. The AI tool, Rumor Catcher, which has just been launched this summer, enables Taiwanese Fact-checkers to identify the most viral and harmful claims circulating on social media platforms and stop the spread...

Chinese diplomats are now claiming to be fact-checkers

By: Summer Chen and Huian Ho The article was originally published by International Fact-Checking Network on May 27, 2020

Disinformers are targeting Taiwan as a country where coronavirus is out of control

By: Summer Chen and Huian Ho The article was originally published by International Fact-Checking Network on March 3, 2020 While struggling to fight the new coronavirus, Taiwan is also witnessing a serious digital attack driven by malicious disinformers. 

The AI filter tool helps Taiwan FactCheck Center tackle Covid-19 hoaxes

Hui-An Ho Artificial intelligence (AI) has played a crucial role in the battle with Covid-19 misinformation in Taiwan. The Rumor Catcher, a collaboration between the Taiwan FactCheck Center (TFC) and the Taiwan Institute for Information Industry (III), has enabled fact-checkers to detect and take...



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