TFC's Editor in Chief shared Taiwan fact-checking experience in CMF's Fact-Check Week Event

Hui-An Ho Summer Chen, the Editor in Chief at Taiwan FactCheck Center (TFC) was invited to speak at the global fact-check network webinar session on April 7 during the Fact-Check Week Event hosted by the Community Media Foundation (CMF).  In the session, Summer Chen, along with Lim Dong-jun, the...

#FactCheckingIsEssential: The power of Taiwan civil society in the fight against falsehood

Happy International Fact-Checking Day! The theme for International Fact-Checking Day 2022 was #FactCheckingIsEssential. As falsehood, hoaxes, and propaganda spread wildly and rapidly in the digital era, fact-checking is essential for everyone.

A Thousand Cuts premiere: Veteran Taiwanese journalists urge to hold the line against disinformation

Taijing Wu “A Thousand Cuts”, the documentary on Nobel Peace Prize awardee Maria Ressa, received acclaim from Taiwan’s prominent journalistic figures as it premiered in Taipei City in December 2021.

Philippine fact-checking chatbot introduced in Taichung’s overseas Filipino community

Gino Lopez Editor’s note: There are more than 159,000 Filipino immigrants and migrant workers in Taiwan. To address the misinformation threat the Philippine diaspora communities are facing as diaspora, Taiwan FactCheck Center partners with Vera Files, the IFCN-certified Philippine fact-checker...

‘What they need is a successful experience’: Taiwan elderly learn to fact-check on their own

Taijing Wu Spreading false information has become a trend within Taiwan’s elderly people’s daily innocent doing when they use instant messengers and social media, a phenomenon that Taiwan FactCheck Center (TFC) is combatting. With the use of mobile phones becoming popular as ever, some Taiwanese...

TFC’s verification toolkit is the winner of 2021 Tseng ShuPa Journalism Award in the Media Literacy category

Hui-An Ho Taiwan FactCheck Center (TFC)'s verification toolkit has won the Tseng ShuPa Journalism Award in the “Media Literacy” category. The toolkit, which contains the latest digital verification tools along with tutorial materials, aims at empowering the general public. 

Taiwan's fact-checkers are using AI to combat misinformation

Taiwan FactCheck Center The article was originally published on September 18, 2020

Chinese diplomats are now claiming to be fact-checkers

By: Summer Chen and Huian Ho The article was originally published by International Fact-Checking Network on May 27, 2020



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