Taiwan's fact-checkers are using AI to combat misinformation

Taiwan FactCheck Center The article was originally published on September 18, 2020

Chinese diplomats are now claiming to be fact-checkers

By: Summer Chen and Huian Ho The article was originally published by International Fact-Checking Network on May 27, 2020

Disinformers are targeting Taiwan as a country where coronavirus is out of control

By: Summer Chen and Huian Ho The article was originally published by International Fact-Checking Network on March 3, 2020 While struggling to fight the new coronavirus, Taiwan is also witnessing a serious digital attack driven by malicious disinformers. 

The AI filter tool helps Taiwan FactCheck Center tackle Covid-19 hoaxes

Hui-An Ho Artificial intelligence (AI) has played a crucial role in the battle with Covid-19 misinformation in Taiwan. The Rumor Catcher, a collaboration between the Taiwan FactCheck Center (TFC) and the Taiwan Institute for Information Industry (III), has enabled fact-checkers to detect and take...