Data security concern for the Taiwan’s NT$6,000 cash handout program sparked a wave of rumors

Image: A teller puts New Taiwan dollar (TWD) $1000 banknotes into cash counting machine at a bank in Taipei, Taiwan February 23, 2017. Picture taken February 23, 2017. (Top Image)

Public should not be misled by Chinese food fraud videos circulated on social media

Food fraud is an important food safety issue internationally but it is especially prevalent in China, leading many consumers there to be distrustful of local food products. It has also led Chinese influencers to post video exposing how some food manufacturers in the country use additives and...

Unfounded Tweet Hyped by Taiwanese Politician and Media

A Taiwanese former legislator on February 11 shared on Facebook a tweet screenshot, in which “a renowned U.S. radio host” tweeted and quoted President Biden as saying that he has a “plan for the destruction of Taiwan.” The Facebook post was soon reported by various Taiwanese media outlets without...

A Twitter account spreads fabricated news about Taiwanese government’s “wrongdoing”

The Taiwan FactCheck Center since early February has come across a series of fake news from a certain Twitter account accusing the Taiwanese government of bombing the indigenous communities, using police force to repress the indigenous people, and tearing down their houses. The posts used real news...

Videos and Photos of Different Origins Used to Spread Rumors about the US Downing China’s Spy Balloon

A Chinese high-altitude surveillance balloon found to be flying over the U.S. has sparked tensions between the two countries. According to the U.S. media, on February 4, a U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor shot down the object with one AIM-9X Sidewinder missile. The U.S. officials said the Chinese spy...

Cross-border Effort in Combatting Disinformation: TFC joined by MAFINDO, TASAT for Empowering Local Indonesian Community

There are currently more than 250,000 Indonesians living in Taiwan. They have easily fallen prey to dis- and misinformation due to language barriers and lack of access to information. 

A Look Back at the Year of Tiger

The Taiwan FactCheck Center published 706 fact-checking reports and 514 articles in 2022. They cover a wide range of issues and incidents including, most importantly, the Russia-Ukraine War in the spring, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan that sparked Chinese military drills in summer...

Disinformation-debunking Heroes

The spirit of fact-checking is getting to the bottom of things. The fact-checkers work hard to bring the most accurate information and knowledge to the readers, but as disinformation could involve a wide range of issues, the reporters, falling far short of omniscience, could only turn to experts in...

Methods to counteract disinformation as deepfake ran rampant

Deepfake and cheap fake videos have become increasingly common. When used irresponsibly, they allow disinformation to spread quickly, posing significant threats to individuals and organizations.   In Taiwan, synthetic media has also caused widespread public concern, especially after the arrest in...



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