【外交政策】Taiwan’s War on Fake News Is Hitting the Wrong Targets

【2020年1月10日 外交政策/Feature】 The fight on Chinese disinformation has become dangerously partisan. By Nick Aspinwall

【海峽時報】Concerted effort in Taiwan to fight fake news as polls loom

【2020年1月5日 海峽時報 Asia/East Asia】 Taipei raises penalties for spread of misinformation as civil groups act to help voters fact-check political messages People at an event organised by Taiwanese NGO...

【衛報】Taiwan's citizens battle pro-China fake news campaigns as election nears

【2020 衛報 Taiwan/Asia Pacific/news】 Contest is in effect a referendum on the future of the self-governed island’s relationship with China

【BBC】Analysis: Fake news fears as Taiwan election campaign kicks off

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen is hoping for re-election in January Campaigning for Taiwan's presidential and legislative elections kicked off on 14 December amid fears that disinformation and...

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Demonstrators in Taiwan rally against pro-China media. A global study found that the island was the territory most exposed to foreign disinformation.(AFP/Getty Images)