Timeline of Pelosi’s Taiwan visit and the aftermath

Timeline of Pelosi’s Taiwan visit and the aftermath



The Chinese military's eastern command said military exercises around Taiwan would continue


Day 4 of Chinese military drill

Through the course of Chinese military drills, at least 22 Chinese flighter aircraft crossed the median line and drones flew above Taiwan's Kinmen islands, according to the Taiwan's defense ministry.

The websites of National Taiwan University were hacked when they were found to display words that read “There is only one China in the world” in simplified Chinese.

2022.08.06Day 3 of Chinese military drill

A Chinese tech posted a satellite image purporting to prove the authenticity of the controversial photo of the Chinese soldier observing Taiwanese frigate near the Taiwanese coastline. However, the sun movement on August 5 didn't corroborate the claim and the time shown in the satellite image.

Fact-check: https://tfc-taiwan.org.tw/articles/8010


A video has been shared on Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) since Aug 6, purporting to be a missile flying over Yilan (宜蘭), Taiwan. However, the position of the transformer and the utility pole seen in the video indicates the video is NOT filmed in Taiwan.

Fact-check: https://tfc-taiwan.org.tw/articles/8000



Day 2 of Chinese military drill

Released by the Chinese government's Xinhua agency and the PLA's eastern command, the picture that shows a Chinese soldier with binoculars observing Taiwanese naval frigate Lang Yang and what appears to be the Heping Power Plant in Hualien is widely used by Taiwanese and international media as Xinhua supplied the photo to AP, the largest news photography agency. However, many signs indicated that the image is altered.

On August 11, AP informed its clients that the authenticity of the photo was questiond by some media outlets, but AP cannot immediately detect a problem with it, nor authenticate it.

Fact-check: https://tfc-taiwan.org.tw/articles/8006



China held its biggest-ever military drill at air and sea around Taiwan- Day 1

China fired live missiles near Taiwan, four of them have flown over Taiwan's main island. A number of Taiwan government agencies and infrastructure websites have hit by cyberattacks.

An image of Chinese CCTV news with an overlay showing China is evacuating its citizen from Taiwan, appeared on Taiwanese bulletin board system PTT. The image is altered. CCTV didn't have a such report. Nor did Chinese immigrants' support services in Taiwan receive notice.

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Citing a fabricating article from a Chinese forum, false Facebook post claimed that China resumes the exercise of sovereignty over Taiwan.

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False posts claimed flights in Taiwan are all canceled over Chinese military drills. But live data shows international flights are scheduled to depart/arrive in Taiwan despite the disruption.

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An image purporting to show that Taiwan paid >$3M hiring a public relations firm to lobby US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was posted on the Taiwanese bulletin board system, PTT.

But the document is doctored. The signature & stains around are identical to another file on the US DOJ site.




Pelosi concluded her 19-hour-visit in Taiwan and headed to South Korea

7-Eleven stores' TV are hacked to display the message 'Warmonger Pelosi get out of Taiwan.'

A photo of German actor Leila Lowfire was falsely linked to Nancy Pelosi.

Fact-check: https://tfc-taiwan.org.tw/articles/8009



China announced three days of military exercises and live-fire drills to encircle Taiwan from August 4-7, in response to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.

Pelosi landed in Taiwan at 9:30 PM (GMT +8)

Shortly before US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's arrival in Taiwan on Aug 2, a video appeared claiming to show a siren wailing in Fujian, the Chinese province that lies west of Taiwan.

We geolocated the video and found it was actually filmed in Xinzhuan, Taiwan.

Fact-Check: https://tfc-taiwan.org.tw/articles/7973


Pelosi’s plane departing Malaysia for Taipei

More than 2.9 million people logged on FlightRadar to watch the flight path. While Pelosi's flight was in the air, the website for Taiwan’s presidential office was taken down by a cyberattack.

Videos and images appeared on Aug 2 saying the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) was deployed in Xiamen, which is just 5 km across the water from the Taiwanese outlying Island.

Photos appearing online from Aug 2 claim to show Chinese troops mustering off its coast opposite Taiwan. However, the context is false. They are images from North Korea's drills back in 2017.

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A fake Twitter account impersonated Yahoo Japan, claiming that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's aircraft was brought down over the Taiwan Strait.

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A image from ADS-B Exchange, a flight tracking site, spread online showing three bombers over Taiwan. ADS-B Exchange said it was an error due to the data shared by its users. The error is later fixed.

Fact-check: https://tfc-taiwan.org.tw/articles/7974



Several Internation media outlets report that Pelosi will visit Taiwan


China held live-fire military drills in waters near Pingtan Island.

Videos purporting to be China holding a live-fire military drill in the Taiwan Strait started to circulate on Twitter. However, the viral video shows the drill held by Taiwan in Matsu on Nov 6, 2020.

Fact-check: https://tfc-taiwan.org.tw/articles/7958


Massive Videos allegedly showed dozens of tanks and other armored vehicles and equipment gathering in Fujian Province.

A Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) post falsely claimed that the engine of Pelosi's aircraft failed and Pelosi returned to the US.

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A video of warplanes flying in formation at sea was shared by social media users, claiming to show US Navy aircraft near Taiwan prior to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Some claimed the warplanes were guarding Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. But the context is false. The clip is from US Pacific exercise Valiant Shield in 2020, according to US Seventh Fleet.

Fact-check: https://tfc-taiwan.org.tw/articles/7972


Fotos of cars with Chinese flags have spread on Twitter, claiming to be folks in Pingtung, Taiwan, welcoming the Chinese People's Liberation Army. But the photos are old and show a political assembly on June 19, 2022, not relevant to Pelosi's Taiwan visit.

Fact-check: https://tfc-taiwan.org.tw/articles/7992



Pelosi departed for her Asia trip. Whether her trip included a stop in Taiwan remained mysterious.