#FactCheckingIsEssential: The power of Taiwan civil society in the fight against falsehood

#FactCheckingIsEssential: The power of Taiwan civil society in the fight against falsehood

Happy International Fact-Checking Day!

The theme for International Fact-Checking Day 2022 was #FactCheckingIsEssential. As falsehood, hoaxes, and propaganda spread wildly and rapidly in the digital era, fact-checking is essential for everyone.

Fact-checking in Taiwan is contributed by groups of passionate people who are enthusiastic about the facts and truth. They actively flag claims to fact-checkers and share factual information with their family and friends; they learn about fact-checking with all their hearts. This tremendous amount of power and energy is the most valuable foundation against disinformation. 

As a member of the civil community in Taiwan, Taiwan FactCheck Center (TFC) is committed to producing high-quality fact-checkings in the fight against misinformation, as well as to spreading media literacy, since its launch in 2018.

We think the fact-checking day doesn’t just belong to fact-checkers- it is also a day honoring facts and a celebration for everyone.

Please join us to share factual information & verification tools with your loved ones.

✅ TFC’s Verification toolkit: https://tfc-taiwan.org.tw/topic/6976

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✅ TFC’s dedicated page for Russian invasion of Ukraine: https://tfc-taiwan.org.tw/topic/6976